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New Mind Body Skills Group starting in January!

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Calming Anxiety in Uncertain Times

     In this eight week virtual class, you will learn evidence based skills to calm the nervous system; befriend emotions; tame ruminating thoughts; notice, move, and nourish the body; and connect more deeply with the heart, through the use of the breath, mindfulness, guided imagery, tapping, qi qong, drawing, journaling, and other modalities.

     The program provides a supportive small group environment which meets weekly on Zoom for two hours beginning January 21st and ending March 18th. All classes will be recorded so they can be watched at a time of your convenience. 

     2020 has taken it's toll on most, if not all, of us. Perhaps you've noticed increased stress, irritability, fatigue and/or anxiety, disrupted sleep, changes in appetite, difficulty focusing, increasingly negative thinking, increased muscular tension or headaches, an increased sense of disconnection, or even panic attacks. If this sounds familiar, the support and skills in this class offer an opportunity to turn the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 into an opportunity to learn, grow, and transform in 2021. Join us!


Registration Now Closed

Please reach out if interested in future classes


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